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Miloh Shop is proud to introduce our new consignment shop that will be coming live to you all in the near future. Our hope is to provide a simple alternative for all those who wish to sell their shoes but don't know the best way to go about it. At the same time we hope to provide some really awesome and unique pieces at a reasonable second hand price. Each shoe will be carefully inspected to insure that the seller gets top value and that the buyer gets a wicked pair of shoes.

The Process

We offer two ways to sell your shoes: in store and through the mail.

  • Bring your shoes into the shop and we will take a look and let you know whether or not your pair can be sold in shop. Nice and simple. 
  • Not from Vancouver? Shoot us an email here with photos of your shoes and as much information about the makeup as possible. From there we will discuss shipping and payout plans. 

Payment Plan

Sellers can accept payment in one of two ways: cash or store credit. The amount we pay varies based on the sale prices of the shoes. Cash payment varies between 40-70% and store credit between 50-80%. For a detailed assessment please contact us.

Cash is paid via PayPal on the day we sell your shoes. Store credit is kept on file and is non-transferable.


What we are looking for

We accept anything that is dope and in wearable condition. Viberg, Tricker's, Enzo Bonafe, Edward Green, Gaziano and Girling, Alden, etc. If you think your pair qualifies than don't hesitate to reach out and contact us.


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