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Community Spotlight: Introducing Waxwing Leather

Hey friends, I'd like to welcome you all to the very first edition of Community Spotlight, a series in which I am very excited to get started. Community spotlight will be used as a showcase for small artisanal leather makers whom deserve a much bigger following and appreciation for the incredible work that they do. I couldn't be happier to get this series started than with the incredibly talented Jiten Amin from @waxwing.leather.

Waxwing Leather is based out of Seattle, Washington where he currently crafts all their leather goods in a small studio apartment. Everything is completed in house from start to finish including the designs, leather sourcing, cutting, stitching, and finishing. It truly is a remarkable one man show. Despite being small, Waxwing Leather manages to source some of the best leathers in the world including the Minerva leather; a leather that is used by some of the best boot-makers in the world. This is very fitting as Jiten was inspired to start his business as a result of his passion for high quality footwear, something we also greatly appreciate here at Miloh Shop.

Waxwing Leather was an easy choice for my first feature as each product is thoughtfully and carefully executed to perfection. His minimalist designs were immediately what caught my attention as the rounded edges are a simple yet unique feature that immediately distinguishes his work from his peers. Their Bifolds are an absolute favourite of mine as the leather, stitching and finish is phenomenal. One has to pick up his wallet to truly appreciate the consistency in his stitching, cutting and matching of panels as it all looks perfectly symmetrical. 

We are lucky enough to have a few Waxwing Leather products up on the site so make sure to check them out. Waxwing Leather also currently offers MTO services through their Instagram page so if there is anything custom you would like to get done please don't hesitate to ask. I've had the pleasure of meeting Jiten a few times and he truly is one of the nicest guys in the industry and definitely worth supporting so make sure to give him a follow and some love!

If you know someone or are someone who would be a good fit for the Community Spotlight feature please send an email to to coordinate.




Community Spotlight Waxwing Leather

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